A high performance animated desktop background setter for X11 that won’t set your CPU on fire,
drain your laptop battery, or lower ya vidya game FPS.

Video of the above screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZTiA885bWM


pacman -S sdl2



Command line:
    ./paperview FOLDER SPEED

For example:
    ./paperview scenes/castle 5

A lower SPEED number will result in a faster frame rate. Only BITMAP files are supported.
Creating your own bitmap folders from gifs requires imagemagick to be installed:

convert -coalesce your.gif out.bmp


Running on a Thinkpad X230 from 2012 at 1920×1080 and 60fps:

intel_gpu_time ./paperview scenes/castle 5

user: 1.904135s, sys: 0.357277s, elapsed: 100.458648s, CPU: 2.3%, GPU: 11.7%

Known Issues

Picom (and possibly simliar compositors) seem to overwrite the base root X11 window.
A pure X11 workaround can be found here:



The art images included here I do not own.
They are for educational purposes only to demo the workings of paperview.

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