/Assemble and adjust your Face Shield

Assemble and adjust your Face Shield

To assemble your face shield, follow these steps.

Remove thin protective films from the face shield and forehead band by peeling from either edge

Either side of the face shield can act as the front.

Forehead Band, Face Shield, and Silicone Strap

Align your preferred slots on the face shield and forehead band

Regular Fit and Extra Space

Thread the strap through the slots and pull to adjust


Thread the strap through the slots

Adjust your face shield


Adjust your face shield

Wear the face shield in addition to other personal protective equipment

Clean and reuse your face shield

When using your face shield:

  • Avoid exposure to high heat.
  • Handle gently to prevent drops and scratches.

You can sterilize and reuse your face shield. It has been evaluated to be compatible with the following chemicals:

  • 70% Ethanol
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 6% Bleach*
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

*May leave a residue on the face shield.

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Disclaimer: Please use with appropriate personal protective equipment per your institution’s standards. This device has not been tested or qualified to prevent or reduce infection, and does not provide particulate filtration. Not intended for use in surgical settings. These devices have not been disinfected or cleaned. Non-sterile.

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