A flamegraph generator for Postgres EXPLAIN ANALYZE output.


Try the demo here.


Download one of the compiled binaries in the releases

If you’d like to build a binary from the source code, run the following
commands. Note that compiling requires Go version 1.13+.

git clone https://github.com/mgartner/pg_flame.git
cd pg_flame
go build


  1. Generate a query plan in JSON by prefixing a SQL query with EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS, FORMAT JSON). Save the output to a file. Example query
    plan JSON can be found


psql lob_local -qAtc 'EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS, FORMAT JSON) SELECT id FROM users' > plan.json
  1. Then generate the flamegraph by passing the JSON as standard input to
    pg_flame and direct standard output to a file.


cat plans.json | ./pg_flame > flamegraph.html
  1. Open flamegraph.html in a browser of your choice.


Flamegraphs were invented by
Brendan Gregg to visualize CPU consumption of profiled code-paths of software.
They are useful visualization tools in many types of performance
investigations. Luca Canali has previously shown the benefits of using
flamegraph visualizations of Oracle database

for debugging slow database queries.

Pg_flame is in extension of that work for Postgres query plans. Instead of
being used to graph CPU time of internal Postgres functions, it generates a
visual hierarchy of query plans. This visualization identifies the relative
time of each part of a query plan.

This tool relies on the
spiermar/d3-flame-graph plugin to
generate the flamegraph.

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