/Hurricane Dorian threatens the US: Live updates – CNN

Hurricane Dorian threatens the US: Live updates – CNN

Kate Racer-Russell says her sister Gina Albury filmed this video of her home in Man-O-War Cay, off Abaco in the Bahamas before the passage of Hurricane Dorian on Sept 1.

The home is now destroyed. 

“It was my sister’s home in Man-O-War. She and her husband and her four children was in that house as well as 6 other people who became stranded in Man-O-War when their boat engine failed,” Racer-Russell told CNN. 

“Everyone is OK and sheltered in the basement of a church nearby. The top story of the church is gone,” she added.

Racer-Russell, who is in Florida, said she hasn’t heard directly from her sister since that video was taken. She said the brothers of her husband, Jake Russell, also live in the Bahamas, in Marsh Harbour.

“Out of the six of my husband’s brothers’ homes in Marsh Harbour, only one home is OK,” she said.

She shared with CNN a picture sent to her by her husband’s brother, Bryce Russell. It shows his truck under water:

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