Extreme Dreams Leads to Extreme Things


Do you remember, what was your last dream? Most people do not so if you do you are steps ahead of the rest. Most people believe that dreams are to tell you what’s coming down in the future and I’m okay with that.

But I have always been told first you see it in the spirit and then you see it in existence. In other words before things happen you normally see them, whether they are good or bad. I also have been told that you can change and control the things you see by what you wish fore.

For instance it’s hard to climb to the top of a mountain if you can’t vision it. Once you can see yourself doing something, you will actually be able to accomplish it. Have you notice there are people that seem to be able to do most anything? That is a person who has figured out how to possess their dreams.

Now to get you started I have a little exercise for you. Think of something small that you would like to accomplish, think about it all day. Research it if you want to find out all the information you can about the subject and she what happen in you sleep at night.

Once you have the small things down take it to the extreme and you will have extreme dreams, and you will accomplish extreme things.

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